Dr. Renata Taravski

Meet Dr. Renata Taravski, Naturopathic Doctor, Alignment Coach and Co-Creator of the Wellness Witches.  In this segment Renata talks about the importance of living your life in alignment.  She unpacks this concept and shares tips to recognize when you are out of alignment – and what to do to get back on track.

Thanks for checking this out and a very special thanks to Renata for coming on!

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I’m Dr Renata Taravski, Naturopathic Doctor, Alignment Coach, Speaker, Yoga Teacher, and Co-Creator of the “Wellness Witches”

My personal mission is to offer naturopathic services, 1-on-1 coaching, create content, events, and a tribe that helps women align their health and life so their purpose, potential, and real selves can shine.

To me Alignment means you are an emotional, mental, physical, and energetic match for the desired life you want to live; unlearning and letting go of the “shoulds” that limit you and most importantly; it’s about identifying the foods, hormones, environments, behaviours, beliefs or people, that are keeping you stuck and sick, literally and figuratively.  It’s taking back your power and sharing your unique purpose with the world, moment by moment. [Read full bio here]